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If you do decide to rent a pressure or power washer and do the job yourself, take care to do it correctly and safely. A rental washer will generally cost you between $40 and $75 per day. You can buy your own electric model for between $70 and $200, while a more powerful gas model ranges between $300 and $1,000.

Protect your face with safety goggles or a face shield. And, before you use the washer, inspect it for damage such as cracked hoses, broken seals or rusty nozzles.

Read the instructions carefully, and follow them. Familiarize yourself with the various power settings; in many cases, more power is not necessarily better, and it can make damage more likely.

Otherwise, leave the hard work for the professional. Call Joel’s Exterior Washing at 813-930-7830 for information and a free estimate.

On average, you can expect to pay between $180 and $380 for a pressure washing job. When you hire a pressure washing or power washing service, make sure they’re up to date on EPA regulations regarding runoff water and environmentally safe chemicals. Also, be sure they have experience with the type of house you have and verify that they carry their own insurance to cover any damage to your home that may occur.

Don’t wait, surfaces get damaged by organisms like algae, mold and fungus. Call now 813-930-7830.

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